Yoni massage in Berlin


‘Women are divine, women are life, women are really jewels’

Yoni Tantra text from the 6th century

Through gentle and loving touch, feather-light stroking and sensual play, my hands begin to dance with your entire body. Circling breasts, open the heart chakra and massage the entire pelvic floor area. Yoni in Sanskrit means source, origin or sacred space. In the Tantric traditions of India, the Yoni was considered the source of all life and represents the female principle, the creative power that animates the entire universe.

yoni massage berlin

Tantra Yoni massage for Her in Berlin My Tantra massage in Berlin connects you with your authentic femininity and orgasm potential. Deep relaxation and a Yoni massage sensitize the body and enable a much deeper and more conscious experience of pleasure and energetic whole-body orgasms. Statistics suggest that the majority of women are not sexually fulfilled and have difficulty experiencing orgasms during intercourse.

Yoni massage can be very beneficial for women who do not orgasm during sex. Yoni Massage can cure your Yoni of intimate trauma and support you to have a deeper and more salutary relationship with your own sexuality. Each Yoni is unique and my session is always individually tailored to your needs, which is discussed in a preliminary discussion.

yoni massage berlin

My touch is attentive, loving, sensual and harmonizing. I will guide you and show you how to drop into waves of orgasm, deepening your joy and sensuality through breathing, movement and touch. Together we will ride waves of pleasure and the sensual game will open up a loving space to experience and celebrate your Yoni.

The Yoni massage for you in Berlin includes:

  • gentle massage handles from the neck to the soles of the feet
  • Sensual full body massage
  • Meridians Body Work
  • breast massage
  • pelvic floor massage
  • gentle breathing exercises
  • Yoni massage
  • Massage of the Goddesses Point
  • Anal massage (on request)
  • Yoni steam bath (on request)
yoni massage berlin