Tantramassage Berlin & Zurich by Luna

Luna is my name and I have been called to do this work.

I am inspired by the opportunity of moving deeper into presence, relaxation and orgasmic bliss through sensual touch and tantric bodywork.

I always had a curiosity about the body, its sensual aesthetic, dynamic life force and natural potential for healing. Being a very creative soul I took on the passion of dance. Interlectually I became interested in  the body-mind connection and pursued an academic degree in Psychology and Movement studies/Dance.





I am passionate about living a healthy, orgasmic and sensual life.

I have studied Eastern Philosophy over a decade, particularly Buddhism, Tantric Philosophy, Meditation and Yoga. I have had the great opportunity to spend extensive periods of time in Asia studying tantric philosophy.Through continuous practice over the years I have refined my sensitivity to subtler levels of energy flow. This assists me greatly in my sessions to take each client on a unique sensual and energetic journey.

I continuously immerse myself in study, research and practice to insure high quality services to my clients and advance in my work.

I have had the great opportunity to offer bodywork sessions, yoga therapy and health coaching internationally.

My feminine essence and playful nature combined with practices of meditation and awareness continue to cultivate a heartfelt and embodied life of bliss and gratitude.

My deep love for people and the potential that shines through each and every one of us inspires me every day to do this work.

I am in service to you and welcome you to my work of sensual touch and being.

Native German and English speaker.


• BSocSc in Psychology & Dance/Movement Studies.

• certified Shiatsu Therapist,

• certified Tantra Massage Therapist

• certified Yoga Instructor

• certified Sound Healing Therapist

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.” O´Donnohue