Erotic massage berlin

Erotic Massage Berlin

Massage for healing purposes has been practiced for millennia. First mentions from China are 4,600 years old, but also in Persia, Egypt and India, the massage art was known in early human history. By brushing, kneading, rubbing, tapping the skin, the muscular and connective tissue, blood circulation and pulse rate are increased. Physical and mental tensions dissolve, an improved cell metabolism promotes physical recovery processes.

With relaxation and arousal to intensive living

My trained hands can do so much more with sensitive touch: through the massage of the meridians, through which the biodynamic energy of Chi flows, internal blockages are released. The sexual energy can flow and spread harmoniously throughout the body. The gentle touch not only has a passive relaxing effect, it also stimulates the erogenous zones of the body and awakens an embodied sensuality.

erotische massage

Erotic Massage Berlin for the entire body

Erotic massage plays without taboos with the pleasurable sensation of the entire body, through meridian bodywork and a dynamic play of tension and relaxation, the body is awakened to a full-body orgasm. Your body has many more erogenous zones than you suspect. Once your body and mind are truly relaxed and free of worry and control, you are open to experiencing boundless pleasure.

Get to know yourself through erotic massage

Through my erotic massage I lead you in Berlin to a new comprehensive perception of not only your body, but also your environment. You not only enjoy the dynamic between gentle and firm touch, the tantric bodywork also opens up a sensual view of you and your surroundings. Far from control you can feel the highest desire and sadness. So you get a better understanding of ​​which energies you do not express in your everyday life.

Happier life thanks to erotic massages

My erotic massage in Berlin is therefore much more than a wellness event. It can pave a sensual path towards a fuller life full of desire and inner strength. Beyond the fascination of ecstatic moments, I only arouse sensations and energies that are already dormant within you. Let your energies awaken through me and use them for a more pleasurable and fulfilled way of life.

All offers are available for men, women and couples.

Luna’s erotic tantra massage is an exclusive offer. A sensual experience for all the senses, which welcomes wishes and preferences. Sensual Being massages are individually designed for you.

There is always enough time for a preliminary conversation at no extra charge. The generosity is in the foreground Luna’s work and stands for the sensual nature in her.