Erotic Massage Berlin & Zurich

Why erotic massage?

Sensuality and orgasmic pleasure is at the heart of this erotic massage service in Berlin and Zurich, drawing both from Western and Eastern Tantramassage techniques and Tantric philosophy.

The erotic massage is an ancient practice used for medical and therapeutic purposes, sensuous pleasure and sexual awakening. This erotic massage service Berlin harnesses the sexual energy by applying massage techniques and naturally awakening the erogenous zones of the human body, allowing for greater sensitivity, sensual pleasure and full-body orgasmic experiences. To be touched with sensitivity and love is one of the most healing and natural gifts of life. The human body is beautiful and erotic in nature and fully awakens when honoured and adored through practices of erotic massage. The erotic massage combined with ancient Tantric techniques offers a unique opportunity to move deeper into sensation and fully awaken the orgasmic pleasure potential that lies hidden in each and every one of us.

Eastern Tantric philosophy utilised the vital life force of sexuality as a jewel of yogic practices to bring about inner transformation. Tantra does not deny anything, but teaches to celebrate the body as the humans portal to life itself.  Tantra shows us a way to respect, appreciate and love our own bodies in its totality and most natural state of sensual being. Through physical practices, breathing and meditation the Tantric path emphasises the direct embodied experience in the physical human body in every present moment. The power of desire is utilised as a potent force of transformation and evolution. Thus sensual desire and ecstatic bodily states are understood to be an expression of the cosmic energy and the realised state of bliss and love.

Orgasmic pleasure moves beyond the brief moments of climax and release as its a dynamic, full-body state of sensual awareness.

As you cultivate the sensitivity of tuning into your natural state of Sensual Being it will guide you deeper into orgasmic pleasure and bliss. It is my conviction and observation that the potential for fully embodied, energetic and off-the charts orgasms lies hidden in the human body. And when one harnesses the sexual energy and applies the right bodywork techniques it is a beautiful awakening and blossoming to this orgasmic pleasure and bliss.

As a trained Shiatsu therapist the traditional Chinese medicine concept of Chi, life force energy that runs along meridian lines in our bodies, informs my work greatly. This biodynamic energy circulates along channels in our body and vitalises our entire physical system and is directly linked to our organs and bodily functions. As a Zen Shiatsu therapist in Berlin and Zurich I use light finger pressure to stimulate the meridian points and activate the energy flow inside the body. The style of Zen Shiatsu emphasises the principals of traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridian lines and the principal of “sesshin” – the sympathetic connection between the giver and the receiver in a Shiatsu treatment.

Ancient Chinese Taoist practices included massage techniques of purification and rejuvenation for the sexual organs and genitalia. In the Tantric tradition the Sanskrit name for the male sexual organ is Lingam, meaning pillar of light. The lingam massage honours masculinity in its pure state of male power and creative energy. The female sexual organ is called Yoni, meaning sacred space. The Yoni massage honours the feminine essence and divine procreative energy.

Beyond technique and philosophy Sensual Being is an intuitive knowing of embodied sensuality that lies hidden in each and every one of us.

In my session I invite you through loving and sensual touch to simply relax, unwind and be naturally aroused by your own beauty and orgasmic pleasure.

This unique erotic massage in Berlin and Zurich is combined with Tantric energetic practices and sensual and loving touch, offering you a space to move deeper into the connection with your own body, your hidden desires and unlimited potential for sensual pleasure and orgasmic bliss. This Sensual Being erotic massage will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Awakening your body to deeper sensual pleasure and the ultimate full-body energetic orgasmic experience.


“The only journey is the one within” Rilke