lingam massage berlin

Lingam massage in Berlin

With slow and sensual touch the lingam massage honours the sexual center of the male body. The lingam massage focuses on stimulating the male genitalia by massaging the penis, testicles, and the entire erogenous zones, such as the pelvic floor and buttocks. A prostate massage can be done as well on request.

Lingam represents the phallus and means a “pillar of light” in the ancient Sanskrit language. It symbolizes the core essence of male sexuality as well as pure consciousness  and the universal creative energy.

Tantric massage for him

My tantric massages in Berlin connect you with your original masculinity and your sense of pleasure. Deep relaxation and a lingam massage sensitise the body to energetic reactions, promote a long lasting erection and provide a much deeper experience of pleasure and fulfilment through energetic full body orgasms.

Feather-light stroking, combined with sensual and loving touches to more dynamic massage strokes, slowly awaken the lingam.

I will guide you on how to prolong the experience of erection, pleasure and ejaculation through breathing and movement. Together we will ride waves of pleasure and a sensual game will open a loving space to experience your lingam in its true essence.

The Lingammassage for him in Berlin includes:

    • erotic full body massage
    • lingam massage
    • massage of the male clitoris
    • pelvic floor massage
    • gentle breathing work
    • ejaculation training
    • prostate massage (per request)
  • premature ejaculation training (per request)

Prostate massage in Berlin:

Prostate massage is an ancient practice of health and well-being and has been practiced for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and Tao massage. Massaging and stimulating the prostate increases blood flow and studies have shown it to be beneficial for erectile dysfunction, low libido, and prophylactic against prostate cancer. In tantra, the prostate is understood as a hidden jewel that can arouse sexual energy and release energy blockages.

As soon as the body is fully opened, I gently start massaging your prostate. I always use a glove and enough lubricant for your comfort and protection. The prostate massage can provide a totally different orgasmic experience, leading to very deep energetic orgasms that spread throughout the body.

Premature ejaculation training:

Premature ejaculation is much more common amongst men than it is openly addressed in our society.

Premature ejaculation and erection problems have both physical and psychological causes and are often associated with high stress and unhealthy living habits.

Through the Tantra Massage and Lingam Massage in Berlin, we will invite your body to go into deep relaxation and reconnect with your true masculine power and strength. I offer a safe and healing space where you can rediscover your masculinity. Through simple exercises you will find a greater body awareness. Everyone is unique and together we will find the right formula for you.

Practices for a healthy erection function:

    • healthy eating
    • regular training
    • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
    • yoga practice
    • breathing exercises
  • Tantric massage and body work

See the beauty of solidified gold in Lingam

the persistence of the Himalayas

the tenderness of a growing leaf

the life-giving power of the sun

and the stimulation of his sparkling jewels.

from the scriptures Linga Purana.

Luna’s erotic tantra massage is an exclusive offer. A sensual experience for all the senses which welcomes your wishes and preferences. Sensual Being massages are individually designed for your ultimate pleasure.

There is always enough time for a preliminary conversation at no extra charge. The generosity is an integral part of Luna’s sensual being.