Mobile Tantramassage Berlin & Zurich

Tantramassage draws both from ancient Tantric practices and the modern Art of erotic massage offering a natural and holistic approach to sexuality in our modern world. Perfect to unwind from the stresses of modern life and relax into a state of bliss and orgasmic pleasure. Utilising the power of arousal, desire and adoration the human body is honoured as an organ of beauty, love and pleasure.

Sensual Being is a sensual full-body and erotic massage that applies a combination of different massage and tantric bodywork techniques to bring about a state of deep relaxation, energetic balancing, sensual arousal and orgasmic pleasure.

The session is individually  designed to fit the requirements of each client and will be discussed in detail before hand. Light-feather strokes interwoven with deep-tissue release thumbing, calming breath work, chakra balancing, full-body sensual massage and bonding are all used to ignite a full-body orgasmic experience

Sensual Being session includes:

• erotic massage & sensual touch

• meridian bodywork

• energetic balancing

• simple breath work

• bonding

• Prostate massage  (per request)

• Ejaculation Control training for Premature Ejaculation symptoms (per request)

• Bathing Ritual (per request)

• Yoga lesson (per request)

My sensual touch is nurturing, loving and will leave you feeling blissful and balanced.

Tantramassage Benefits:

• deep relaxation and rejuvenation

• beneficial for insomnia & varied stress-related symptoms

• increases circulation

• revitalises the entire bodily energy system

• increases libido

• helps with premature ejaculation

• deeper intimacy & sensual awareness

• awakens orgasmic pleasure

I love to explore every part of your body with sensual adoration while I take you on a journey into the world of orgasmic pleasure and guide you into deeper sensation and presence of your own sensual being.

The dynamic play of loving and caressing touch with energetic bodywork will guide you into deeper sensation and sensual presence. With sensual experience at the heart a safe space is offered to express pleasure, pain and everything in between that needs love and care.

Luxury Outcall Services

Outcall Services are available to your preferred hotel in Berlin or Zurich  to offer the most discreet and relaxing option of Sensual Being massage. Enjoy the ultimate sensual pleasure in the privacy and comfort of your own preferred location.  No stresses of traveling across the city. Allowing your body and mind to fully enjoy the healing after effects.

Erotic massage & Yoga Special

Book a private yoga session & Tantramassage for ultimate body awareness & sensual bliss in Berlin or Zurich.

As a certified yoga teacher the yoga class is available for all levels. The principals of Hatha Yoga and gentle breath work are applied to relax and align the body. This Yoga series has been designed specifically to balance and awaken the sexual energy in preparation for the erotic massage. The regular practice of Yoga benefits sexual health greatly.

Client Confidentiality:

Your privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance to me and I respect the precepts of client confidentiality.


My services are massage and sensual bodywork based only. There will be no form of sexual intimacy or intercourse allowed during a massage session.

If a client does not adhere to the above or disrespects me in any other way I reserve the right to cancel a session.


I adhere to high hygiene standards and expect the same from my clients. To ensure personal hygiene every client is requested to take a shower before the session.

I use only organic, fair trade and unscented massage oil.


All serious medical conditions need to be treated by an authorised medical doctor.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Jung